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Our Industry focused consulting services are often called upon by companies large and small within the COMSEC industry to assist in their research, engineering design, product development and business development and marketing. Unlike other consultants that traditionally only focus on either design engineering or business development, IA Specialists uniquely knows who the customers are, what their requirements are, and can then help design a solution to meet that customers goals and objectives. IA Specialists has been providing this concept of consulting support since its inception, and has garnered praise from end users and industry developers alike for the value we provide.

Featured Consulting Services:

  • Research & Analysis
  • Product/Service Conceptualization
  • Systems and Security Design Engineering
  • Product Validation
  • Business Development
  • Marketing & Sales Strategy

With more than twenty years of industry experience, IA Specialists have the depth and breadth of knowledge to improve the process and product of any COMSEC solution provider. Our industry clients often benefit from our long standing relationships within the military and government agencies, including the special operations and intelligence communities. Our access to key decision makers, both inside and outside the United States, provides our clients with the inside track they need to build a better product and effectively get it to market.

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“When we blend our concern for what our client really needs with our knowledge of what is technologically possible, we are confident that the resulting product will have no equal.”

Keir Tomasso, President