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Here’s what is NEW in 2016

The IAS Small Tactical Executive WAN communications solution (IAS STEW) “Communications Go Bag”

The IAS STEW was designed and developed from the ground up to bring the concept of the National Security Agency’s Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) to the tactical edge of DOD and Government networks. The IAS STEW is one of two Industry-leading devices available from IAS that offers two CSfC CL listed VPN Gateway devices within a single small portable form factor. Weighing less then 4lbs, and physically smaller then a ream of paper, the IAS STEW couples an IAS Router MICRO with a Cisco 5915 ESR to help mobile/agile Communicators “ditch the HAIPE”, yet still be able to reach back to classified networks. The IAS STEW has also been designed to support users who still desire to use HAIPE devices, and even users who currently use HAIPE devices who desire to transition to CSfC. Based on recent customer demand for an ultra-portable, quick setup, light weight and “low vis” deployable communications solution that can leverage either CSfC principles or utilize existing Type 1 COMSEC, IAS has been asked to develop a custom communications backpack to meet a customer’s requirements. Our new IAS STEW “Commo Go Bag” looks like an ordinary commercially-available backpack. However, this custom designed backpack contains the IAS STEW, our new IAS UPS/Battery solution, has provisions to hold two 15” laptops and three AC/DC bricks (IAS STEW and 2 Laptops) and has several other pockets to retain miscellaneous cables and other items. Our innovative design allows the IAS STEW and UPS/Battery to REMAIN IN the backpack during operation! This means setup time drops to sub 60 seconds, and from a cold start users can be operational and on a classified network in less than 4 minutes. More information and photos off the IAS STEW “Commo Go Bag” will be coming soon. We are super excited to present this new packaging solution to our customers. Contact IAS or the NSA for more information on the CSfC process.

Common Criteria Evaluation and Validation

IAS has also undertaken the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) Common Criteria (CC) Evaluation and Validation against the NIAP CC Network Device and VPN Gateway Extended Package Protection Profiles. IAS has completed this effort, obtained certification and placement on the NIAP Product Compliant List (https://www.niap-ccevs.org/Product/ ) Having this certification substantiates IAS’s commitment to provide customers with the most secure router/VPN gateway appliances available within the commercial market. IAS’s products are unparalleled in the small form factor router commercial market as a result of our physical size, flexibility, capabilities AND security.

Federal Information Processing Standard 140-2 Validation Update…

IAS has undertaken the National institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 Level 2 Validation effort, and has cryptographic algorithm and IPSec mode certification completed and posted on the NIST website. Level 2 device certification for our IAS Router MICRO, IAS STEW, and IAS KG-175D Replacement Unit (KG-RU) will take place soon as we have received a thumbs up from our third party lab (Infogard). Completing this effort insures that IAS has implemented robust, unbreakable, encryption as per the NIST FIPS 140-2 standard outlines. This means that customers can breathe easy that there are no “backdoor” vulnerabilities in IAS’ cryptographic implementation, and that their data will remain protected while using our VPN Gateway solution.

National Security Agency Commercial Solutions for Classified

IAS is proud to announce that the IAS Router MICRO, IAS Small Tactical Executive WAN communications solution (IAS STEW), and the IAS KG-175D Replacement Unit (KG-RU) have been listed on the National Security Agency’s Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) Component List. This means that the IAS Router MICRO, IAS STEW, and IAS KG-RU are eligible to be used as a Virtual Private Network Gateway component in a Comprised Commercial Solutions for Classified implementation. More information regarding the NSA’s CSfC program can be found at www.nsa.gov . You may also contact IAS at info@iaspecialists.com for additional information on these IAS solutions and the many other product offerings IAS has designed, developed, and produced to meet the unique needs of Government and Military Communicators.

The IAS Router FIBER

The IAS Router FIBER is IAS’s first TEMPEST Level 1 Compliant offering. The IAS Router FIBER is the smallest known TEMPEST Level 1 Compliant fiber interface based Router/Switch/VM server. This 4.5” tall by 8.2” wide by 9.0” deep device offers 16 SFP interfaces, built in UPS logic (only requiring an external battery), and wide range DC power input to support diverse power applications. The IAS Router FIBER can be configured to act as a VM server running the user’s choice of Virtual Machine Hypervisors (running IAS Router as a VM), or run IAS Router natively, or run Cisco’s ESR5921 IOS to effectively turn the IAS Router Fiber into a Cisco IOS based device. Competing solutions are 4 times larger in size, and consume over 5 times the power.

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