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IAS Router EXTREME Family

IAS Router EXTREMEs are unlike other commercially available routers in the market today. IAS has taken its IAS Router product offerings to a new level of usability by offering a family of multifunction routers that incorporate Type 1 “bare metal hypervisor” virtual machine servers natively on the hardware. IAS Router EXTREME units run IAS Router firmware as a virtual machine and can also support running other virtual machine appliances simultaneously while operating as an IAS Router.

Uses for this technology may include running VoIP PBXs, WAN accelerators, WebDav Servers, Twisted Pair WAVE servers, etc. all as virtual machine appliances within the same hardware that the IAS Router firmware is running within. The IAS Router EXTREME technology allows users to reduce their overall device size, weight, and power footprint by leveraging virtulization technology just as large businesses do in traditional IT closets.

Users are able to select from a wide range of IAS Router EXTREME devices to meet their specific application needs and requirements. IAS Router EXTREME units run as small as the hand held IAS Router EXTREME GFG unit with processing horsepower to run IAS Router and two other Windows Server virtual machines, to the IAS Router EXTREME Tactical unit that is flight qualified (DO-160), to the IAS Router EXTREMEs 1U units that can support a dozen plus virtual machines running simultaneously.

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The IAS Router FIBER is unlike other commercially available enterprise routers in that it has been designed from the ground up as a small form factor TEMPEST Level 1 Compliant IP networking appliance that performs the roles of several stand alone IT networking and computing devices.

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The IAS Router™ GFG’s processing power allows users to leverage processing power hungry virtual machine appliances and be confidant the IAS Router™ GFG can meet the users performance requirement the user experience will not degrade.

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The NA361 is one of IAS' newest high-performance appliances. It can run our legendary operating software natively, or the unit can run several virtual machines of your choice.

IAS Router EXTREME Tactical

The IAS Extreme TAC is what you need in an extreme environment. Not only is it a high-performance machine, but it's designed for the most punishing environments.


The IAS Extreme 1U is a rack mount powerhouse. Designed for intense routing, gigabit speeds, and expandable.

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The Mark2 is is a rack mount appliance for situations where you need an entire IT room in a box. With it's 8 core Intel chip, and up to 32 Gigabytes of ram, this expandable machine will handle what ever you can throw at it. With it's front pannel LCD, know at a glance the status of your virtual machines.

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