IAS COMSEC Uni-Shelf 1U and 2U

IA Specialists has developed a unique COMSEC device shelfing solution that rigidly mounts various Type 1 COMSEC devices within a standard 1U IT rack space. The COMSEC Uni-Shelf is designed to support retention of several different vendors’ COMSEC products, and it also supports mixing and matching of various vendors’ products. This allows larger organizations to simply inventory a single shelf, and use it for several products/applications.

The COMSEC devices the COMSEC Uni-Shelf supports are as follows:

  • General Dynamics KG-175D (2 total)
  • Harris SecNet 54 (3 total)
  • Viasat KG-250 (2 total)
  • Viasat KG-250X (3 total)
  • Viasat IPS-250 (2 total)
  • Mykotronix KIV-7M (2 total)
  • Sypris KIV-19M (2 total)