The IAS UPS-500 is a small form factor, military grade, portable power system capable of delivering 15.6 Amp Hours (Ah) and 230 Watt Hours (Wh) total across its four outputs.

Engineered to consume dirty, unregulated, 9-36VDC power, the IAS UPS-500 provides clean, regulated 12VDC power, to up to four different devices simultaneously. The IAS UPS-500 provides ef cient, reliable, portable power with a high runtime all in a form factor small enough to support any eld mission. Additionally, the product’s power input and four power outputs use keyed locking connectors that prevent the user from wiring the unit incorrectly, making the IAS UPS-500 easy to use and setup.

Designed with multiple mounting points, the IAS UPS-500 can be mounted to the top of an IAS Small Tactical Executive WAN (IAS STEW) communications solution, the IAS Converged Communications Edge Services Router (IAS CCESR) or various other surfaces for use in special use applications.