IAS Router MICRO (CSfC Listed)

The family of IAS Routers are unlike any other small form factor IP networking routers available in the market today.

Don’t let the IAS Router’s small size fool you into thinking it shouldn’t be taken seriously. Whereas consumer grade routers may have a similar form factor, no other small form factor router provides the breath and depth of security and routing functionality and capabilities that the IAS Router does. IAS Routers have been designed from the ground up to solve the many diverse and complicated challenges that Government and Military “Communicators” have, and does so in the smallest, lightest weight, and easiest to use form factor. Each variant of the IAS Router is a single, fully integrated device, which converges functionality typically provided by three or more commercial devices. The IAS Router is the “Swiss army knife” IP networking and security solution for users who need to access classified Government and Military networks while in mobile or dynamic operating environments.

Each IAS Router offers several key capabilities that are important to “Communicators”: Support for whatever WAN technology the user has available to them at that moment and location, support for the most robust commercially available IPSec VPN mode of operation (the National Security Agency’s Suite B cryptography based IPMEIR) while also offering SSL VPN capabilities that are interoperable with many COTS vendors VPN appliances, support for enterprise grade advanced routing capabilities normally only found in pricey and difficult to use commercial offerings, and offers a simple to use web based graphical user interface that even non-technical users will feel comfortable configuring and operating the IAS Router.

The family of IAS Routers cover a wide range of sizes, port densities, performance levels, and levels of environmental robustness. We encourage you to visit our website for additional information at www.IASpecialists.com or contact an IA Specialists representative at 1-202-640-2623.