IAS STEW (CSfC Listed)

The IAS Small Tactical Executive WAN communications solution (IAS STEW) is the latest and most impressive integrated solution from IA Specialists to date. Developed to support a US DOD customer’s requirements, it is by far the smallest, lightest, most WAN technology flexible, easiest to use Black/Red Router communications device on the market. The IAS STEW was designed from the ground up to support users who want to transition from the use of Type 1 HAIPE devices to the National Security Agency’s vision for Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC). The IAS STEW has recently been placed on the NSA CSfC Approved Product List, and can be considered for use in CSfC applications as a result.

The IAS STEW includes two routers, the IAS Router MICRO and the Cisco ESR5915 (both of which are listed on the NSA CSfC APL), in a device that is smaller AND lighter than a ream of paper! The IAS STEW weighs in at 3.9Lbs. and is only 10.8” wide by 8.2” deep by 2.0” tall. The IAS STEW provides users with an IAS Router MICRO acting as the WAN facing router, so that users can consume all commercially/publicly available WAN technologies natively without the need for third party appliances. WAN technologies supported include 10/100/1000 Ethernet, PPPoE, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n client, 3G/4G cellular, and USB and RS232 based technologies. Once connected to the Internet, the IAS Router MICRO offers interoperability with virtually all commercial SSL and IPSEC VPN modes of operation (Including being Complaint to the NSA’s HAIPE Sec IPMEIR/Suite B IPSEC). The IAS Router MICRO performs these and other enterprise class routing operations in a simple to use Graphical User Interface (GUI) that was designed from the ground up to aid even non-technical users with configuration and use. The IAS STEW also contains a Cisco ESR5915 Router as its Red side router. The Cisco ESR5915 is an enterprise class Cisco IOS based routing solution. It affords users the ability to run Cisco’s routing protocols and capabilities traditionally found in rack mount Cisco hardware. These include capabilities like Cisco’s Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP), Radio Aware Routing, IP Multiplexing, and Cisco CallManager Express to mention only a few. In addition to the IAS Router MICRO and Cisco ESR5915, the IAS STEW incorporates features and capabilities that have been designed to support Communicators’ most desired features and requirements.

The IAS STEW is a tightly converged design, yet its’ flexibility is unparalleled in the Government and DOD communications market. The IAS STEW has the ability to interface with Type 1 HAIPE devices such as the KG-175D, KG-250X, and SecNet54. However, the IAS STEW can also be configured to support the National Security Agency’s Commercial Solutions for Classified with no additional hardware or devices. When supporting HAIPE users the IAS STEW offers Ethernet connectivity to and from a HAIPE and also provides power to the HAIPE. The IAS STEW can also be configured to interconnect the IAS Router MICRO and Cisco ESR5915 internally in support of CSfC users. The IAS STEW also offers a single 802.3af compliant Power over Ethernet (PoE) port on each IAS Router MICRO and Cisco ESR5915 in support of VoIP telephony use. Additionally, the IAS STEW has hard mounting points on the top of the unit to retain a family of mounting plates IAS produces. Mounting plates for the KG-175D, KG-250x, SecNet-54, Cobham’s VoIP Handset, Vocality’s Basics RoIP, and Basics Hybrid are available, with support for more devices coming. The IAS STEW can provide clean regulated 5VDC, 12 VDC or 24 VDC power to these devices, meaning a user will only require a single AC/DC power brick. The IAS STEW’s flexibility is limitless.