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KG-175D Replacement unit (KG-RU)

The IAS KG-175D Replacement Unit (IAS KG-RU) is unlike any other IP networking/security device on the market today. Designed with the National Security Agency's vision of Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC), the IAS KG-RU integrates two Suite B IPSEC compliant routers (the IAS Router and the Cisco ESR5915) into a single device that has a form factor identical to the KG-175D HAIPE device.

Never before has it been so easy for a customer to migrate from Type 1 HAIPE devices to a Non-Type 1 CSfC solution. The IAS KG-RU provides a functional alternative to the use of CCI Type 1 devices, and does so in such a way that the user is afforded even greater networking capabilities over the KG-175D. Contact IAS for additional details on the IAS KG-RU and how we can help you with your Commercial Solutions for Classified efforts.


  • Cisco interoperable/compatible VPN capabilities
  • 4 FIPS-140 VPN protected 10/100 Base T RJ-45 LAN Ethernet interfaces
  • Up to 3 RJ-45 Ethernet LAN interfaces outside the VPN capability
  • Up to 3 RJ-45 Ethernet WAN interface
  • 2 USB ports for various 3G/4G cellular radios
  • 1 RJ-45 VPN admin port
  • 1 DB9 WAN router admin port / RS232 port
  • Rugged aluminum enclosure
  • Approx. 3.5 lbs

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