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IAS Executive Voice Kit (IAS EVK)

The IAS Executive Voice Kit (IAS EVK) is a small form factor portable secure voice and data communications solution (fits inside of a Pelican 1400 case). The IAS EVK is an integrated solution that provides the user with easy to use, WAN technology flexible, connectivity to unclassified and classified networks in support of secure VoIP and data communications. The IAS EVK leverages an IAS Router for IPSec and SSL VPN connectivity to private unclassified networks (NIPRNET) and the ViaSat KG-250X for classified network (SIPRNET) connectivity.

The IAS EVK powers from 100~240VAC 50/60 hz, or 9 to 34 VDC, or its internal lithium ion battery. The entire solution, which includes the AC/DC brick, KG-250X HAIPE, VoIP phone and IAS EVK, weighs less then 13lbs. total.

The IAS EVK is WAN technology flexible, unlike competing solutions, and can leverage either Ethernet based technologies, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-FI as WAN, 3G/4G cellular via USB modems/smart phone tethering and even RS232 based technologies in support of reach back to users' networks. IAS’s Patented Wide Area Network Access Management Computer (Patent No. US 8,832,425 B2) being the basis for the IAS EVK’s extensive WAN flexibility and ease of use. Contact IAS for additional information on the IAS EVK.


  • Cisco interoperable/compatible SSL and IPSEC VPN capabilities
  • NSA HAIPE Sec IPMEIR (Suite B IPSEC) VPN Compliant
  • 1 FIPS-140 VPN protected 10/100/1000 Base T RJ-45 LAN Ethernet interface
  • 1 HAIPE protected 10/100/1000 Base T RJ-45 LAN Ethernet interface with 802.3af compliant POE
  • Includes SIP compatible VoIP handset
  • 2 USB ports for various 3G/4G cellular radios, USB to serial adapters, USB to Ethernet Adapters
  • 1 RJ-45 VPN admin port
  • 802.11 B, G, N Wi-Fi Radio (configurable as a Wi-Fi client or access point)
  • Semi-Rugged aluminum enclosure, also completely self contained in Pelican 1400 case (included)
  • Single 9/34 VDC input (100~240VAC 50/60 Hz brick included) for complete system power, including HAIPE device
  • Internal Litium Ion battery along with UPS functionality in support of continues operation as power input changes
  • Battery runtime of 3 hours
  • Approx. 12 lbs

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