'Outside-of-the-Box' Thinking
Makes Our Boxes Better


The one truth about IP networking technology and information security is that it is always changing. At IAS, we embrace change and build into our product designs the flexibility and modularity that allow our clients to take full advantage of the “next” cutting-edge technology. We are passionate about being able to bend technology to meet the situational demands of executive and first-in communicators, giving them the tools to be supremely equipped, capable and agile at all times.

we can customize for your specific needs
Remember that we also custom design and develop custom communications kits and ancillaries to customers needs and specifications.

IAS Router Family

The family of IAS Routers consist of a suite of highly flexible enterprise class router appliances and embeddable PCB modules that offer unparalleled VPN throughput, intrusion detection security capabilities, with a web-based graphical user interface that make configuration and use amazingly easy. The family of IAS Routers offer unmatched WAN technology in support of reach back to enterprise/private/DOD networks over wired Ethernet, 802.11 ac/b/g/n/ Wi-Fi, 3G/4G cellular, Satellite or even legacy RS232 technologies.

IAS Software Definable Network Appliances™

IAS’s Software Definable Network Appliance™ (SDN-A™) products are fully software programable and can be configured to run whatever IP networking or application virtual machine(s) the user may require at that time. So, a single hardware appliance is able to fill the role of several networking appliances based on the software loaded on it.

IAS SDN-A devices support most software-based IP networking virtual machines AND application virtual machine technologies. IAS SDN-A devices are available in many form factors, from small, low power embeddable modules to 1U and 2U rack mount appliances, and every step in between.

IAS VPN Gateway Module

IAS offers our class leading IAS Router technology in a board level embeddable module for integrators that have a need to deeply embedded our IP networking router/VPN gateway/Security appliances into their own unique appliances or solution. Our IAS VPN Gateway modules come in various power conceptions, form factor sizes, and packet processing performance levels.

IAS Integrated Appliances

IAS specializes in the design, development, production and sustainment of custom highly integrated communications solutions that are customer requirements driven. Our integrated appliances and CSfC dual VPN Gateway appliances have no rival.

IAS Deployable Communications Packages

IAS aids customers with the requirements collection, design, development, deployment, training and sustainment of turnkey communications packages that contain all the necessary technology, across multiple vendors, needed by the customer in support of their overall deployable communications needs. We leverage COTS whenever possible to keep customer investment to a minimum, but we have the engineering ability to develop custom communications package elements when required.

IAS Miscellaneous Communication Products

From time to time IAS is asked to solve technical challenges where COTS solution may not exist or be readily available. This leads IAS to invent, design and produce various unique electronics devices/appliances that complement the other IAS products, solutions and communications packages

IAS COMSEC Ancilliaries

Responding to customer requests IAS has developed several COMSEC ancillaries for various developer’s devices. These ancillaries have been developed to either offer a more reliable component or be less expensive solution then other vendors, or to fill a niche requirement.