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The one truth about technology is that it is always changing. At IA Specialists, we embrace change and build into our product designs the flexibility and modularity that allow our clients to take full advantage of the cutting-edge technologies. We are passionate about being able to bend technology to meet the situational demands of executive and first-in communicators, giving them the tools to be supremely equipped, capable and agile every time it is called for.

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Learn about our latest plans and innovations! Information Assurance Specialists is an industry leader with a constant drive to improve products and process year after year. Our R&D is always working to bring the best innovations to market.


The IAS Small Tactical Executive WAN communications solution (IAS STEW) is the latest and most impressive integrated solution from IA Specialists to date. Developed to support a US DOD customer’s requirements, it is by far the smallest, lightest, most WAN technology flexible, easiest to use Black/Red Router communications device on the market. The IAS STEW was designed from the ground up to support users who want to transition from the use of Type 1 HAIPE devices to the National Security Agency’s vision for Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC). The IAS STEW has recently been placed on the NSA CSfC Approved Product List, and can be considered for use in CSfC applications as a result.

The IAS STEW includes two routers, the IAS Router MICRO and the Cisco ESR5915 (both of which are listed on the NSA CSfC APL), in a device that is smaller AND lighter than a ream of paper! The IAS STEW weighs in at 3.9Lbs. and is only 10.8” wide by 8.2” deep by 2.0” tall. The IAS STEW provides users with an IAS Router MICRO acting as the WAN facing router, so that users can consume all commercially/publicly available WAN technologies natively without the need for third party appliances. WAN technologies supported include 10/100/1000 Ethernet, PPPoE, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n client, 3G/4G cellular, and USB and RS232 based technologies. Once connected to the Internet, the IAS Router MICRO offers interoperability with virtually all commercial SSL and IPSEC VPN modes of operation (Including being Complaint to the NSA’s HAIPE Sec IPMEIR/Suite B IPSEC). The IAS Router MICRO performs these and other enterprise class routing operations in a simple to use Graphical User Interface (GUI) that was designed from the ground up to aid even non-technical users with configuration and use. The IAS STEW also contains a Cisco ESR5915 Router as its Red side router. The Cisco ESR5915 is an enterprise class Cisco IOS based routing solution. It affords users the ability to run Cisco’s routing protocols and capabilities traditionally found in rack mount Cisco hardware. These include capabilities like Cisco’s Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP), Radio Aware Routing, IP Multiplexing, and Cisco CallManager Express to mention only a few. In addition to the IAS Router MICRO and Cisco ESR5915, the IAS STEW incorporates features and capabilities that have been designed to support Communicators’ most desired features and requirements.

The IAS STEW is a tightly converged design, yet its’ flexibility is unparalleled in the Government and DOD communications market. The IAS STEW has the ability to interface with Type 1 HAIPE devices such as the KG-175D, KG-250X, and SecNet54. However, the IAS STEW can also be configured to support the National Security Agency’s Commercial Solutions for Classified with no additional hardware or devices. When supporting HAIPE users the IAS STEW offers Ethernet connectivity to and from a HAIPE and also provides power to the HAIPE. The IAS STEW can also be configured to interconnect the IAS Router MICRO and Cisco ESR5915 internally in support of CSfC users. The IAS STEW also offers a single 802.3af compliant Power over Ethernet (PoE) port on each IAS Router MICRO and Cisco ESR5915 in support of VoIP telephony use. Additionally, the IAS STEW has hard mounting points on the top of the unit to retain a family of mounting plates IAS produces. Mounting plates for the KG-175D, KG-250x, SecNet-54, Cobham’s VoIP Handset, Vocality’s Basics RoIP, and Basics Hybrid are available, with support for more devices coming. The IAS STEW can provide clean regulated 5VDC, 12 VDC or 24 VDC power to these devices, meaning a user will only require a single AC/DC power brick. The IAS STEW’s flexibility is limitless.

IAS Router MICRO Features

  • 6 - Gigabit Ethernet - all routable
  • 1 - 802.3af PoE port (full 15.4 watts @ 48VDC)
  • 1 - 802.11 a/b/g/n radio (Wi-Fi Client, Access Point, or Client and Access Point simultaneously)
  • 2 - RP-SMA Antenna connectors (Wi-Fi radio, antenna’s included)
  • 2 - USB 3.0 ports
  • 2 - USB 2.0 ports
  • 1 - RJ45 RS232
  • 1 - RJ45 Serial Console
  • 1 - Mini PCIe slot for optional additional 2ndWi-Fi radio or integral 3G/4G cellular modem)

Cisco ESR5915 Features

  • 2 - 10/100 Fast Ethernet routable
  • 3 - 10/100 Fast Ethernet switched
  • 1 - 802.3af PoE port (full 15.4 watts @ 48VDC)
  • 1 - RJ45 Serial Console


  • 10.8” wide, by 8.2” deep by 2.0” tall
  • 3.9 pounds / < 5.0 pounds including Power Supply
  • 90 ~ 264VAC input, Auto Sensing/Auto Ranging, power supply included
  • 9 ~ 36VDC Dirty DC input native
  • Operating Temp -20C ~ +70C
  • Fits in Pelican 1400 case with room to spare for VoIP handset(s), cables, etc.


Built from the ground up, the CCESR is the smallest, lightest isolated Red/Black dual Cisco 5915 enterprise class router/VPN gateway available, providing enterprise-level classi ed and secure unclassi ed mobile communications services.

Designed to withstand unpredictable environments, the CCESR contains an internal backup lithium-ion battery pack and an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) enabling system operation when AC or DC power isn’t readily available. The UPS also allows users the exibility to transition from AC main power to DC power from a vehicle without interruption of operation.

The CCESR also provides clean isolated, regulated DC power out for two additional devices (i.e. ViaSat KG-250X or KG-250XS and/ or a Cradlepoint IBR) and offers a means to rigidly mount these and additional devices using our innovative mounting plates.

To complement the CCESR product family, IAS has developed a family of ancillaries enabling even the most agile communicator, communications team, or principle to operate wherever and whenever they need to access their networks. For additional information or to schedule a demonstration of the IAS CCESR please contact IAS.


  • Contains two Cisco 5915 Embedded Service Routers
    • Each 5915 ESR offers:
      • 5 Fast Ethernet interfaces (2 Routed, 3 Switched)
      • 1 802.3af PoE interface (15.4 watts max, power available in both data and unused wires)
      • 1 RJ45 Console cable (for use with the Cisco “blue cable”)
      • Independent power and reset to factory default switches
  • Supports 9~36VDC dirty DC input, and includes a small 87-264VAC, 50/60Hz auto ranging/auto sensing power brick with a removable IEC cable for use globally
  • Weight: 5.0lbs (excluding power brick
  • Size: 8.5” deep by 10.8” wide by 2.2” tall
  • Convection cooled design: Cool to the touch enclosure design, yet whisper quiet operation
  • Integral Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and lithium-ion battery


If you are looking for secure DECTK access on the go, then IAS’s new Converged Communications Edge Services Router (CCESR) DECTK Kit is what you need. It provides a CCESR, VoIP phone, High Assurance Internet Protocol Encryptor (HAIPE), and Cradlepoint router all in one package, and is easily transportable to wherever you are going.

A short YouTube video explaining how the CCESR DECTK Kit works:


The IAS UPS-500 is a small form factor, military grade, portable power system capable of delivering 15.6 Amp Hours (Ah) and 230 Watt Hours (Wh) total across its four outputs.

Engineered to consume dirty, unregulated, 9-36VDC power, the IAS UPS-500 provides clean, regulated 12VDC power, to up to four different devices simultaneously. The IAS UPS-500 provides ef cient, reliable, portable power with a high runtime all in a form factor small enough to support any eld mission. Additionally, the product’s power input and four power outputs use keyed locking connectors that prevent the user from wiring the unit incorrectly, making the IAS UPS-500 easy to use and setup.

Designed with multiple mounting points, the IAS UPS-500 can be mounted to the top of an IAS Small Tactical Executive WAN (IAS STEW) communications solution, the IAS Converged Communications Edge Services Router (IAS CCESR) or various other surfaces for use in special use applications.


  • Contains two Cisco 5915 Embedded Service Routers
  • 15.6 Ah/ 230Wh internal Lithiumim ion battery
  • 9-36VDC wide range DC input
  • (4) 12VDC regulated DC outputs
  • Built in internal UPS logic to insure continuous power to all 4 outputs
  • Hard mounting points to mount to the IAS STEW or IAS CCESR
  • 5.5” x 8.5” x 1.6”
  • 6lbs

KG-175D Replacement unit (KG-RU)

The IAS KG-175D Replacement Unit (IAS KG-RU) is unlike any other IP networking/security device on the market today. Designed with the National Security Agency's vision of Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC), the IAS KG-RU integrates two Suite B IPSEC compliant routers (the IAS Router and the Cisco ESR5915) into a single device that has a form factor identical to the KG-175D HAIPE device.

Never before has it been so easy for a customer to migrate from Type 1 HAIPE devices to a Non-Type 1 CSfC solution. The IAS KG-RU provides a functional alternative to the use of CCI Type 1 devices, and does so in such a way that the user is afforded even greater networking capabilities over the KG-175D. Contact IAS for additional details on the IAS KG-RU and how we can help you with your Commercial Solutions for Classified efforts.


  • Cisco interoperable/compatible VPN capabilities
  • 4 FIPS-140 VPN protected 10/100 Base T RJ-45 LAN Ethernet interfaces
  • Up to 3 RJ-45 Ethernet LAN interfaces outside the VPN capability
  • Up to 3 RJ-45 Ethernet WAN interface
  • 2 USB ports for various 3G/4G cellular radios
  • 1 RJ-45 VPN admin port
  • 1 DB9 WAN router admin port / RS232 port
  • Rugged aluminum enclosure
  • Approx. 3.5 lbs

Download the PDF Datasheet

For further information, or a demonstration of this product please contact IAS at
(202) 640-2623 or email

IAS Router Family

The family of IAS Routers consist of several highly flexible, router appliances. The family of IAS Routers offer unparallelled WAN technology management in support of reach back to enterprise/private/DOD networks over wired Ethernet, 802.11 B/G/N Wi-Fi, 3G/4G cellular, or Satellite.

The IAS Router family is ideal for use in applications where highly portable, WAN technology diverse, secured enterprise or DOD network connectivity is required. No matter where on the globe you are located, an IAS Router can get you back to your network safe and sound using the WAN options you have at that moment in time.

  • Leverage commercial or hotel Wi-Fi access points utilizing the IAS Router's Wi-Fi client capabilities to host a small LAN of PCs.
  • Leverage Ethernet based WAN options such as hotel room/residential Ethernet or portable IP based satcom terminals (i.e. BGAN) to host a small LAN of PCs.
  • Leverage commercial cellular USB modem or modems to host a small LAN of PCs
  • Leverage the IAS Routers ability to intelligently load balance and fail back and forth between any of the supported WAN technologies.
  • Leverage the IAS Router’s virtual private network (VPN) technologies to tunnel your sensitive data, VoIP or video securely using the National Security Agencies Suite B cryptographic algorithms and specifications.

Download the IAS Router MICRO PDF Datasheet

Download the IAS Router LITE PDF Datasheet

Download the IAS Router LITE Plus PDF Datasheet

Download the IAS Router PICO Datasheet

Download the IAS Router ETH 6 Datasheet

Download the IAS Router ETH 8 POE PDF Datasheet

Download the IAS Router ETH 12 1U PDF Datasheet

For further information, or a demonstration of this product
please contact IAS at (202) 640-2623 or email

IAS Executive Voice Kit (IAS EVK)

The IAS Executive Voice Kit (IAS EVK) is a small form factor portable secure voice and data communications solution (fits inside of a Pelican 1400 case). The IAS EVK is an integrated solution that provides the user with easy to use, WAN technology flexible, connectivity to unclassified and classified networks in support of secure VoIP and data communications. The IAS EVK leverages an IAS Router for IPSec and SSL VPN connectivity to private unclassified networks (NIPRNET) and the ViaSat KG-250X for classified network (SIPRNET) connectivity.

The IAS EVK powers from 100~240VAC 50/60 hz, or 9 to 34 VDC, or its internal lithium ion battery. The entire solution, which includes the AC/DC brick, KG-250X HAIPE, VoIP phone and IAS EVK, weighs less then 13lbs. total.

The IAS EVK is WAN technology flexible, unlike competing solutions, and can leverage either Ethernet based technologies, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-FI as WAN, 3G/4G cellular via USB modems/smart phone tethering and even RS232 based technologies in support of reach back to users' networks. IAS’s Patented Wide Area Network Access Management Computer (Patent No. US 8,832,425 B2) being the basis for the IAS EVK’s extensive WAN flexibility and ease of use. Contact IAS for additional information on the IAS EVK.


  • Cisco interoperable/compatible SSL and IPSEC VPN capabilities
  • NSA HAIPE Sec IPMEIR (Suite B IPSEC) VPN Compliant
  • 1 FIPS-140 VPN protected 10/100/1000 Base T RJ-45 LAN Ethernet interface
  • 1 HAIPE protected 10/100/1000 Base T RJ-45 LAN Ethernet interface with 802.3af compliant POE
  • Includes SIP compatible VoIP handset
  • 2 USB ports for various 3G/4G cellular radios, USB to serial adapters, USB to Ethernet Adapters
  • 1 RJ-45 VPN admin port
  • 802.11 B, G, N Wi-Fi Radio (configurable as a Wi-Fi client or access point)
  • Semi-Rugged aluminum enclosure, also completely self contained in Pelican 1400 case (included)
  • Single 9/34 VDC input (100~240VAC 50/60 Hz brick included) for complete system power, including HAIPE device
  • Internal Litium Ion battery along with UPS functionality in support of continues operation as power input changes
  • Battery runtime of 3 hours
  • Approx. 12 lbs

Download the PDF Datasheet

For further information, or a demonstration of this product please contact IAS at
(202) 640-2623 or email

IAS Router Extreme Family

The IA Specialist team never sits still. We have added another amazing product to our IAS product family, The IAS Router Extreme. Images and additional information will be posted about this product shortly.

Download the PDF Datasheet

For further information, or a demonstration of this product please contact IAS at
(202) 640-2623 or email

COMSEC Uni-Shelf
(Patent Pending)

IA Specialists has developed a unique COMSEC device shelfing solution that rigidly mounts various Type 1 COMSEC devices within a standard 1U IT rack space. The COMSEC Uni-Shelf is designed to support retention of several different vendors’ COMSEC products, and it also supports mixing and matching of various vendors’ products. This allows larger organizations to simply inventory a single shelf, and use it for several products/applications.

The COMSEC devices the COMSEC Uni-Shelf supports are as follows:

  • General Dynamics KG-175D (2 total)
  • Harris SecNet 54 (3 total)
  • Viasat KG-250 (2 total)
  • Viasat KG-250X (3 total)
  • Viasat IPS-250 (2 total)
  • Mykotronix KIV-7M (2 total)
  • Sypris KIV-19M (2 total)

Optional items for use with the COMSEC Uni-Shelf

IAS has developed several accessories for the COMSEC Uni-Shelf that address varying customer needs/requests. These include a quick release tray kit for a pair of General Dynamics KG-175D units, a full extension slide rail kit which allows you to access the back of your gear from the front of the rack, and we have even developed a 2U variant of the COMSEC Uni-Shelf for specific applications where additional clearance and rigidity was desired.

The IAS COMSEC Uni-Shelf 2U (Patent Pending)

In response to a customer request, IA Specialists has added a 2U version of the COMSEC Uni-Shelf to its offerings. This version of the COMSEC Uni-Shelf works EXACTLY the same way the 1U version does. This unit is simply 2U tall in order to provide added rigidity and to prevent a user from mounting another item directly above the COMSEC items. The 2U shelf is compatible with the KG-175D quick release tray kit.

The IAS KG-175D Quick Release Tray (Patent Pending)

The optional KG-175D quick release tray kit that allow you to install, and remove, the KG-175D easily with no tools! This kit includes 2 trays (one right and one left) and hardware for mounting 2 KG-175D units. The use of the quick release tray kit requires no tools, and only takes seconds to insert and remove KG-175D units once affixed.

The IAS Full Extension Slide Rail Kit

Lastly, responding to customer requests IA Specialists offers optional full extension slide rails for the COMSEC Uni-Shelf. These can be added to support users who would like full access to the front and back of their gear, but only have access to the front side of the rack. Note: these are NOT required if you wish to ridged mount the Uni-Shelf.


A short YouTube video explaining how the COMSEC Uni-Shelf works:

  • The IAS COMSEC Uni-Shelf 1U - $250.00,
    quantity pricing is available
  • The IAS COMSEC Uni-Shelf 2U - $260.00,
    quantity pricing is available
  • The IAS KG-175 Quick Release Tray Kit - $150.00
  • The IAS Full Extension Slide Rail Kit - $125.00

Download the PDF Datasheet

For further information, or a demonstration of this product please contact IAS at (202) 640-2623 or email

COMSEC Ancillaries

Replacement Power Supplies

Responding to customer requests IAS has developed several COMSEC ancillaries for various developer's devices. These ancillaries have been developed to either offer a more reliable component or be less expensive solution then other vendors, or to fill a niche requirement.

  • KG-175A -110~220, 50/60 Hz power supply - $225.00
  • KG-175B -110~220, 50/60 Hz power supply - $225.00
  • KG-175D -110~220, 50/60 Hz power supply - $225.00
  • SWT 110-220, 50/60 Hz power supply - $210.00
  • vIPer 110-220, 50/60 Hz power supply - $75.00
  • L-3 STE 110~220, 50/60 Hz power supply - $210.00
  • ViaSat KG-250 - 110~220, 50/60 Hz power supply - $225.00
  • ViaSat KG-250X - 110~220, 50/60 Hz power supply - $225.00

The IAS KG-175 Failover Adapter

The IAS KG-175 Failover Adapter was designed and developed specifically to meet the needs of customers who require a highly reliable power supply for the KG-175 family of HAIPE devices. This provides users with the peace of mind that their KG-175 A, B, D, or G HAIPE device will remain powered and online at all times.

How it works:

The Failover Adapter gets plugged in to the desired KG-175 device and gets powered by two power supplies. In the event that one of them fails, the KG-175 device will remain powered thanks to the Failover Adapters ability to automatically switch to the second power supply. The IAS KG-175 Failover Adapter utilizes either the KG-175 OEM power supplies or two of the reliable IAS KG-175 power supplies.

  • IAS KG-175 Failover Adapter - (KG-175A, B, D and G) - $250.00

Download the IAS KG-175 Failover Adapter PDF Datasheet

For further information, or a demonstration of this product please contact IAS at
(202) 640-2623 or email

COMSEC Value-Added Reseller

IA Specialists has been approved by the US Government’s National Security Agency as a value added reseller of Type 1 COMSEC devices. We are able to procure, and resell, COMSEC items to Government, Military and Department of Defense Contractors that currently maintain a COMSEC account. This allows us to provide a one stop procurement option to customers who wish to source a portable secure communiciations kit INCLUDING the COMSEC, or support customers who need to field a particular COMSEC item along with the necessary shelf or other related accessories they may need or require. IA Specialists can additionally provide engineering support to customers needing network or application engineering assistance on an hourly fee for service basis.

COMSEC Reseller Collage

For further information, or a demonstration of this product please contact IAS at (202) 640-2623 or email

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