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IAS Miscellaneous Communication Products

From time to time IAS is asked to develop products that complement our deployable communications solutions, or support the use of COMSEC devices or third party solutions. They have been developed to support first-in or executive communicators and fulfill a need that was being unserved.

IAS Uninterruptible Power Supply – 500 (UPS-500)

The IAS UPS-500 is a small form factor, high capacity Dirty DC input (9-36VDC) 4 regulated 12VDC output 155watt hour Li-Ion battery based UPS for use in dynamic use applications. There is no other UPS on the market that packs the watt hour capacity into such a small form factor. The IAS UPS-500 conveniently mounts atop most IAS Routers and Integrated Solutions, and was purpose built to be paired with the IAS STEW and IAS CCESR-2C.

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The IAS UPS-100 is a DC current based Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) that ensures electronic equipment remains running during power shorts or long term power outages.

Designed for complete flexibility, the IAS UPS-100 simplifies the task of providing reliable power to electronics equipment being used in dynamic, ever changing, environments. It is small enough to fit in your pants pocket, yet is robust enough to support your tactical edge distributed power requirements.

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The IAS CCESR SmartSwitch is a Cisco small business SmartSwitch with 26 gigabit Ethernet ports that has been packaged in such a way that it marries up with the IAS integrated solutions perfectly. It has been designed for the tactical user in mind, supporting use of dirty DC 9-36VDC input. There is even a module that supports 802.3 af and AT Power Over Ethernet.

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IAS has developed a small form factor stand alone Cisco 5915ESR device for those who desire Cisco IOS in the smallest possible form factor. The IAS Cisco 5915ESR offers dirty DC input, and a single regulated 12VDC output to supply power to external devices (such as HAIPE devices). The IAS Cisco 5915ESR can be added to any of our deployable commucnations solutions to add support for additional network domains.