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IAS Router Family

The family of IAS Routers consists of several highly flexible, router appliances that offer unparalleled WAN technology management in support of reach back to enterprise/private/DOD networks over wired Ethernet, 802.11 B/G/N Wi-Fi, 3G/4G cellular, or Satellite.

IAS Routers are ideal for use in applications where highly-portable WAN technology, diverse, secured enterprise or DOD network connectivity is required. No matter where on the globe you are located, an IAS Router can get you back to your network safe and sound using the WAN options you have at that moment in time.

IAS Routers allow you to leverage:

  • Commercial or hotel Wi-Fi access points utilizing the IAS Router’s Wi-Fi client capabilities to host a small LAN of PCs
  • Ethernet based WAN options such as hotel room/residential Ethernet or portable IP based satcom terminals (i.e. BGAN) to host a small LAN of PCs
  • Commercial cellular USB modem or modems to host a small LAN of PCs
  • The IAS Router’s ability to intelligently load balance and fail back and forth between any of the supported WAN technologies
  • The IAS Router’s virtual private network (VPN) technologies to securely tunnel your sensitive data, VoIP or video securely using the National Security Agency’s Commercial National Security Algorithm (CNSA) Suite algorithms and specifications (formerly NSA Suite B cryptography)


The Sub U SCOUT 200 IP Router solves the many diverse and complicated IP networking and security challenges of telecommuters and First Responders operating remotely.

The SCOUT 200 enables access to secure voice, data, and video services over a multitude of commercial network technologies (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Cellular (w/Band 14 FirstNet), MANET radios, Satcom, etc.), all in an extremely small, low cost, commercially available device.

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IAS PICO (CSfC Listed)

The IAS PICO is a small form factor, enterprise class IP router/VPN Gateway/IDS appliance unlike any other on the market today. Don’t let its small size and low power fool you, the IAS PICO can perform CNSA (Suite B) IPSec VPN Tunneling greater than most commercial 1U appliances.  Its features and capabilities are on par with the IAS MICRO, yet offering a smaller form factor with a lower port density for use in unique applications.

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The IAS MICRO is a higher port density, with greater support for Wi-Fi and 3G/4G radios, small form factor, enterprise class IP router/VPN Gateway/IDS appliance with similar performance to our IAS PICO and GRAPHITE. Don’t let its small size and low power consumption fool you, the IAS MICRO can perform CNSA (Suite B) IPSec VPN Tunneling greater than most commercial 1U appliances.

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IAS Router GRAPHITE (CSfC Listed)

The IAS GRAPHITE is a 3U OpenVPN VITA65 Chassis low power/high performance rugged, wide temperature range (-40C to +85C), enterprise class IP router/VPN Gateway/IDS appliance solution that offers the same level of packet processing performance as our IAS PICO and MICRO.

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IAS Router ETH18

The IAS ETH18 is a higher port density with even greater performance easily backpack ‘able portable IAS Router. The IAS ETH18 features two network interface module bays that support interface modules that offer 8 Gigabit copper interfaces or 8 SFP interfaces, giving the user the flexibility to determine what network interfaces they wish to leverage. The IAS ETH18 offers performance that is comparable to 2U form factor commercial appliances, yet is only 4.5” tall by 8.5” wide by 9.0” deep.

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IAS Router Fiber

The IAS FIBER is the sibling product to the IAS ETH18, the difference being its exclusive use of SFP interfaces and a copper interface port cover to support using the device in a TEMPEST Level 1 Compliant use case.

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The IAS Router 1U is one of IAS’s enterprise rack mount appliances that offers unparalleled IP packet processing and VPN Gateway performance in a traditional 1U rack mount form factor. The IAS Router 1U supports the use of IAS’s network interface modules that are also used in the IAS Router ETH18, FIBER, and IAS Router BEAST.


The IAS Router BEAST is a 2U IAS Router form factor that offers multi gigabit VPN tunneling and massive packet processing power. Unlike other commercial 2U IP Routers, the IAS Router BEAST has the ability to support up to a total of 42 ports of routable gigabit Ethernet or 40 routable SFP interface ports with 2 gigabit Ethernet ports. This is achieved by using the IAS network interface modules that are also used in the IAS Router ETH18, FIBER, and IAS Router 1U.

IAS Router Family Specifications

10/100/1000 Ethernet2651816 SFP8 to 16 (optional)2 to 42 (optional)
802.11 a/b/g/n/ac client and/or APxxoptionaloptionalxx
3G/4G cellular (internal or USB)optionaloptionalx
CNSA (Suite B) IPSec VPNxxxxxxx
CNSA (Suite B) IPSec Performance250Mbps250Mbps250Mbps500Mbps500Mbps>1Gbps>5Gbps
SSL VPN (OpenVPN Interoperable)xxxxxxx
Dynamic Mode Virtual Private Network (DMVPN)xxxxxxx
Deep Packet Inspectionxxxxxxx
Advanced Firewall Functionalityxxxxxxx
NSA Commerical Solutions for Classified (CSfC)xxxTDBTDBTDBTDB
IPv4 and IPv6xxxxxxx
DHCP Client and Serverxxxxxxx
Network Address Translation (NAT)xxxxxxx
MAC Filteringxxxxxxx
Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)xxxxxxx
Protocol Independent Multicasting (PIM)xxxxxxx
Next Hop Resolution Protocol (NHRP)xxxxxxx
Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE)xxxxxxx
Virtual LANs (VLANS)xxxxxxx
Quality of Service (QoS)xxxxxxx
NTP Server and Clientxxxxxxx
Virtualization SupportPICOMICROGraphiteETH18FIBER1UBEAST
IAS Router OS able to host virtual machinesX(1)X(1)X(1)X(2)X(2)X(5)X(10)
Web browser based GUIxxxxxxx
SNMP v3xxxxxxx
Syslog Server Reportingxxxxxxx
Third Party CapabilitesPICOMICROGraphiteETH18FIBER1UBEAST
Cisco IOS ESR 5921xxxxxxx
Aruba Virtual Mobile Controllerxxxxxxx
Wide Range Dirty DC Input9 ~36 VDC9 ~36 VDC12 and 3.3 VDC9 ~36 VDC9 ~36 VDC87-240 AC, 50/60Hz87-240 AC, 50/60Hz
100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz Auto ranging, auto sensing PSU (included)xxxxn/an/a
12 VDC output to provide power to Aux. electronics (HAIPE devices, etc.)xn/an/a
802.3af PoE port(s)1
Height1.5"2.0"3U VPX4.5"4.5"1U2U
Weight1.5 lbs3.5 lbs2.0 lbs6.0 lbs6.0 lbs19 lbs29 lbs