Leading Edge CSfC Solutions Being Deployed
Across Government and Military Programs

DISN Enterprise Classified Travel Kit Gateway (DECTK-GW)

IAS is excited to announce that the IAS STEW and IAS CCESR-2C have been JITC tested, DISA UC APL listed, and approved for use in the DISA DECTK program.  This program supports US Military and Government customers by delivering classified voice and data services via mobile, rapidly deployed devices, through any internet connection, anywhere in the world.

The CCESR-2C leverages the use of traditional Type 1 COMSEC paired with the world’s smallest dual Cisco 5915ESR with internal battery device, weighing less then 6 lbs. and smaller than a ream of paper.  The IAS STEW is the FIRST AND ONLY NSA CSfC CL listed product within the DECTK program that contains both Gray and Red VPN Gateway within a single small device, weighing less than 5 lbs. and smaller then a ream of paper.  Additionally, the IAS STEW supports the use of traditional Type 1 COMSEC but can be easily reconfigured in a matter of minutes for use as a CSfC based solution.

The IAS CCESR-2C and IAS STEW are available packaged with optional hard sided Halliburton briefcases or in soft sided convertible backpack/messenger bag style cases but are customizable to the customers’ needs/requirements.

More information on the DECTK-GW program can be found here.

National Security Agency Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC)

IAS has had involvement in the NSA CSfC program since the program’s inception.  IAS has been the VPN Gateway technology pace setter with our ground breaking small form factor dual VPN Gateway/Single device appliances, the IAS small form factor WAN technology diverse/low power/high performance VPN Gateway appliances, and the IAS low power embeddable IAS VPN Gateway Modules that have been CSfC Component List listed at the embeddable module level AND require no additional recertification after embedment.

IAS is the ONLY CSfC device manufacturer that designs, develops, produces and sustains customer requirements driven, built from the PCB up, CSfC solutions.  No other company has our breath and depth of experience in the CSfC VPN Gateway technology application.  IAS’s past performance and reputation for developing leading edge CSfC solutions has no rival.

Our CSfC Component List listed products bring many “first of their kind” technology to the market.

IAS was the first to:

  • Incorporate dual VPN Gateways into a single appliance
  • Offer Wi-Fi Client to a CSfC CL listed VPN Gateway appliance
  • Offer 3G/4G cellular radio support in a VPN Gateway appliance
  • Develop a virtual machine version of an IP Router
  • Demonstrate a dual VPN Gateway/dual virtual machine solution
  • Offer Data At Rest (DAR) security for a Router OS and critical security related configuration information (patent pending)
  • Offer a router OS that has the ability to host virtual machines (patent pending)

More information on the NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified program can be found here.