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IAS Integrated Appliances

IAS is known around the world in the secure communications community for our design, development and production of hyper small form factor, very secure, communications appliances and solutions.  No other company has the number of NSA CSfC Component List listed turnkey CSfC Comprised Solutions that IAS has developed over the last few years, and we continue to expand our offerings on an ongoing basis.

Our integrated solutions are the direct result of funded development efforts to meet customer specific technical requirements and needs. Please contact us for information on the most up to date development efforts that are so cutting edge they aren’t listed on our website yet.

IAS STEW-R (CSfC Listed)

The IAS STEW-R is a dual router/VPN gateway appliance that incorporates an IAS Router and a Cisco Embedded Service Router (ESR) in a single device (both of which are NSA CSfC APL listed). The solution is approved for use in the DISN DECTK-GW ProgramThe IAS STEW-R is based on the proven, fielded legacy IAS STEW product with several product enhancements including: 

  • Twenty percent smaller than the legacy IAS STEW 
  • More robust, machined aluminum enclosure design 
  • More robust power connector design (LEMO) 
  • User accessible cellular modem sim slots that feature a tool-less captivate SIM socket 
  • Built-in (user serviceable) battery and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) logic 
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IAS CCESR-2S-R (CSfC Listed)

The CCESR-2S-R incorporates the IAS MICRO and the Aruba Virtual Mobile Controller in a single small low power appliance.

The CCESR-2S-R is a dual VPN Gateway/Single appliance form factor. Its flexibility in application use cases is unlike any other CSfC solution in the market, making stocking and sparing the device even more streamlined for large deployments.

  • NSA CSfC Multisite Communications
  • NSA CSfC Campus WLAN
  • Can be used with Type 1 HAIPE network encryptors
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IAS Router with Epiq Sidekiq™ Radio (CSfC Listed)

IAS and Epiq Solutions have teamed to design, develop and produce highly secure, small form factor IP routers with embedded software defined radio (SDR) technology.

The IAS-Epiq solution brings the Sidekiq™ family of low SWaP, extremely flexible RF transceivers to IAS’s light weight, ruggedized MICRO and PICO IP routers, producing a powerful combination of SDR applications with CNSA IPsec VPN tunneling over a wide array of WAN technologies.

  • CubeSat/UAS Data Links
  • Remote RF Sensing
  • Embedded RF
  • Locally process and remotely view data
  • Securely long-haul data using CNSA IPsec
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IAS and RIVA Networks have teamed to design, develop and produce the Cyber VauLTE™. Cyber VauLTE™ is the smallest, COMPLETE military-grade, deployable cellular network solution available today. Comprised of the IAS SDN-A MICRO and RIVA cellular base station transceiver(s), Cyber VauLTE™ performs the role of a tactical cellular bubble. Additionally, it securely long-hauls voice and data (using CNSA IPSec) to another cellular bubble or back to a headquarters location.

  • Deployable Cellular Network
  • Private Tactical 3G/4G Cellular Bubble
  • Secure Comms in Denied Areas
  • Tactical Hyper-converged Virtualization
  • Operate in Austere Locations
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IAS STEW (CSfC Listed)

The IAS STEW has been developed from the PCB up to support a US DOD customer’s requirements for a hyper small  executive communications solution.

The IAS STEW is the smallest, lightest, most WAN technology flexible, easiest to use Black/Red or Grey/Red CSfC in use, dual router communications device on the market. The IAS STEW supports users who want to transition from the use of Type 1 HAIPE devices to NSA’s Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC).

The IAS STEW is one of only two dual VPN Gateway appliances listed on the NSA CSfC Approved Product List, and can be considered for use in CSfC Multisite Communications Capabilty Package applications as a result.

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The IAS CCESR-2C is the world’s smallest dual Cisco 5915ESR/single appliance communications solution targeted at the use of Type 1, or other external, IP network encryptors. It was designed around strong red/black network EMI isolation design principles.  The CCESR-2C was designed specifically for the DISA DECTK-GW program requirements.

  • Two Cisco 5915ESR
  • Smaller than a ream of paper
  • Built-in Uninterruptible Power Supply logic board with Li-ION battery
  • Dirty DC to regulated DC subsystem in support of providing clean regulated power to external devices
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IAS CUBE (CSfC Listed)

The IAS CUBE is a compact 6.5”x6.5” device that contains everything needed to extend a classified network to a remote location, using CSfC or Type 1 HAIPE.

Additionally, it includes red network computing resources in support of running numerous virtual machines, as well as four 2.5” (15MM tall) hard disk drives bays in support of RAID storage. The IAS Cube contains:

  • Two VPN Gateway appliances (CSfC)
  • Virtual machine server
  • Hard drive storage array – 20TB
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