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IAS COMSEC Ancillaries

Responding to customer requests, IAS has developed several COMSEC ancillaries for various developer’s devices. These ancillaries have been developed to either offer a more reliable component, a less expensive solution, or to fill a niche requirement.

Replacement Power Supplies for General Dynamics KG-175 Products

IAS has developed replacement power supplies for General Dynamics’ KG-175 family of Type 1 HAIPE encryptors. We have fielded thousands of these Power Supply Units without a single failure to date. We keep them in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

We currently make replacement power supplies for the following General Dynamics KG-175 Products:

  • GD KG-175A -110~220, 50/60 Hz
  • GD KG-175B -110~220, 50/60 Hz
  • GD KG-175D -110~220, 50/60 Hz
  • GD KG-175G -110~220, 50/60 Hz
Download Datasheet
Replacement DC to DC Power Supplies for General Dynamics KG-175 Products

IAS has developed DC to DC power supplies for use with General Dynamics KG-175D, and KG-175A/B/G Type 1 HAIPE devices. These power supplies may also be used to provide clean, regulated power for other electronic devices. 

The following list outlines the DC to DC Replacement PSUs presently available, but please contact us for other potential variants. 

DC to DC Replacement PSU for GD KG-175D 

  • 9-36 volts dirty DC input, regulated 12 VDC 30watts
  • 48 VDC input, regulated 12 VDC 30watts

DC to DC Replacement PSU for GD KG-175A/B/G DC 

  • 9-36 volts dirty DC input, regulated 12 VDC 90watts
  • 48 VDC input, regulated 12 VDC 90watts
IAS Fail Over Adapter for General Dynamics KG-175 Products

The IAS Failover Adapter was designed and developed specifically to meet the needs of customers who require a highly reliable power solution for General Dynamics’ KG-175 family of HAIPE devices. This provides users with the peace of mind that their General Dynamics KG-175 A, B, D, or G HAIPE device will remain powered and online at all times.

How it works:

The Failover Adapter gets plugged in to the desired General Dynamics KG-175 device and gets powered by two power supplies. In the event that one of them fails, the device will remain powered, thanks to the Failover Adapter’s ability to automatically switch to the second power supply. The IAS Failover Adapter utilizes either General Dynamics KG-175 OEM power supplies or two of the reliable IAS replacement power supplies.


IA Specialists has developed a unique COMSEC device shelving solution that rigidly mounts various Type 1 COMSEC devices within a standard 1U or 2 U IT rack space. The COMSEC Uni-Shelf is designed to support the retention of several different vendors’ COMSEC products and the mixing and matching of various vendors’ products. This allows larger organizations to simply inventory a single shelf, and use it for several products/applications.

The COMSEC Uni-Shelf supports the following COMSEC devices:

  • General Dynamics KG-175D
  • General Dynamics KG-175G
  • Viasat KG-250 / IPS-250 (2 total)
  • Viasat KG-250X / IPS-250X (3 total)
  • Viasat KG-250XS (3 total)
  • IAS CCESR-SmartSwitch
  • IAS UPS-500 (3 total)
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Optional items for use with the COMSEC Uni-Shelf

IAS has developed several accessories for the COMSEC Uni-Shelf that address varying customer needs/requests. These include a quick release tray kit for a pair of General Dynamics KG-175D units, a full extension slide rail kit which allows you to access the back of your gear from the front of the rack, and we have even developed a 2U variant of the COMSEC Uni-Shelf for specific applications where additional clearance and rigidity was desired.

The IAS COMSEC Uni-Shelf 2U (Patent Pending)

In response to a customer request, IA Specialists has added a 2U version of the COMSEC Uni-Shelf to its offerings. This version of the COMSEC Uni-Shelf works EXACTLY the same way the 1U version does. This unit is simply 2U tall in order to provide added rigidity and to prevent a user from mounting another item directly above the COMSEC items. The 2U shelf is compatible with the IAS  quick release tray kit for General Dynamics’ KG-175D.

Quick Release Tray for General Dynamics KG-175D (Patent Pending)

The optional quick release tray kit for General Dynamics’ KG-175D requires no tools and allows you to install and remove the unit quickly and easily. This kit includes two trays (one right and one left) and hardware for mounting two General Dynamics KG-175D units.

IAS Full Extension Slide Rail Kit

We also offer optional full extension slide rails for the COMSEC Uni-Shelf. These can be added to support users who would like full access to the front and back of their gear, but only have access to the front side of the rack.

Note: these are NOT required if you wish to ridged mount the Uni-Shelf.