An Industry Leader on the NSA
Commercial Solutions for Classified Component List

Commercial Solutions for Classified

IAS is a market leader in the design, development, and implementation of software and hardware based IP networking router solutions that specifically target the National Security Agency’s (NSA) Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) Program.

IAS has followed the NSA’s CSfC security design principles for the layering of commercial off-the-shelf security appliances to protect classified information while in transit. The IAS STEW communications solution and the IAS KG-RU are the ONLY single device/dual VPN Gateway appliances that have received placement on the NSA CSfC Component List.

As requirement for participation in the NSA CSfC program, IAS has successfully obtained the National Institute of Standards in Technology Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 Level 2 Validation (certificate # 2672) and the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) Common Criteria Network Device and VPN Gateway Extended Package Protection Profile Certification. Obtaining these security certifications insures that IAS’s products are robust and secure, so much that they can be used for the protection of classified information up to and including top secret. More information on these certifications, and IAS’s certificates can be found at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) site and the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) site.

The IAS STEW and KG-RU were placed on the NSA CSfC Component List in March 2015 and are the only two dual VPN Gateway/single device appliances approved.  The IAS STEW and KG-RU are currently in use by the US Government and Department of Defense. These first of their kind products make fielding CSfC simple and easy for IP networking applications, and eliminate the guesswork associated with architecting solutions and building cobbled together “kits” based off two different vendors’ solutions.

Additional information regarding NSA’s CSfC Program and how U.S. Government and Department of Defense users can register their CSfC solutions can be found here.


The IAS STEW is targeted at executive leadership communications, down range deployable communications, and quick reactionary/quick setup forward operating classified network extension use cases. The IAS STEW weighs less than 4 pounds and is smaller than a ream of paper, yet contains both outer (Grey) and inner (Red) VPN Gateways required in a CSfC Multi-Site Connectivity / VPN Gateway solution.

This single, small form factor device replaces what executive communicators would typically need a roller board pelican case to transport AND eliminates the issues associated with using Type 1 CCI COMSEC outside of a secured location. The IAS STEW is a game changing product in the world of Government and Military deployable communications.


The IAS KG Replacement Unit (IAS KG-RU) is unlike any other IP networking/security device on the market today. Designed with the NSA’s vision of Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC), the IAS KG-RU integrates two CNSA (Suite B) IPsec compliant routers (the IAS Router and the Cisco ESR5915) into a single device that has a form factor nearly identical to a popular NSA certified HAIPE device.

The IAS KG-RU is one of only two dual VPN Gateway appliances listed on the NSA CSfC Approved Product List, and can be considered for use in CSfC Multisite Communications Capability Package applications as a result.


The IAS MICRO has also been designed for use in CSfC applications (NSA CSfC Component List listed as of March 2015), and has been NIAP Common Criteria Network Device and VPN Protection Profile certified and NIST FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validated.

The IAS MICRO is an enterprise class IP networking router and VPN gateway. It features the ability to leverage one or more Ethernet ports, one or more Wi-Fi radios in WWAN/client mode and/or Access Point mode, one or more USB or Mini PCIe 3G/4G cellular radios, and one or more serial interface based WAN access transport technologies as a way to access the internet for robust, reliable network connectivity and VPN tunneling.

It has the ability to consume just about any commercially available WAN technology, and use it as part of its robust fail over/fail back network connectivity scheme. Despite its small size and low power consumption (consuming only 20 watts on average when the 802.3af POE port is not in use) the IAS MICRO offers switching, routing and VPN throughput surpassing that of other commercially available rack mount appliances.


IAS has also developed two Cisco 5915 Embedded Service Router based IP networking appliances for use in CSfC applications. The IAS 5915ESR Virtual Machine Server and the IAS 5915ESR router devices are based on the tried and true Cisco 5915 Embedded Service Router that is widely in use by the DOD today. The Cisco 5915ESR is also listed on the NSA CSfC Component List.

The IAS 5915ESR Virtual Machine Server pairs a Cisco 5915ESR with a small form factor embedded computer that is capable of hosting a number of virtual machines using several different bare metal hypervisors based on customer preference.

The IAS 5915ESR router is one of the smallest, lowest power, integrations of the Cisco 5915ESR for someone who may be looking to “add on” additional CSfC red networks behind a single CSfC gray networks. The 5915ESR router offers the user a single 802.3af POE port and a regulated 12VDC output to provide power to external peripheral electronic devices (such as HAIPE devices, Cradlepoint devices, etc.)

IAS CCESR-2S-R High Density Deployable Package

Our IAS CCESR-2S-R based deployable communications packages expand the IAS CCESR-2S-R port density from 4 NIPR and 4 SIPR ports to a total of 28 usable NIPR ports and 29 usable SIPR ports. IAS has worked with Cisco to develop a small form factor gigabit Ethernet with POE managed switch, the (IAS CCESR-SmartSwitch), into a form factor that is the exact same size as the IAS STEW.

We have packaged the IAS STEW, 2 CCESR-SmartSwitches, and 3 of our UPS-500 uninterruptible power supplies into a single rugged transit case. This transit case has room to add several Inmarsat BGAN terminals, or MESH networking radios, military radios, cables, laptops, etc. Contact IAS for details on how we can customize it to your exact needs.


The IAS PICO is a small form factor, enterprise class IP router/VPN Gateway/IDS appliance unlike any other on the market today.  Don’t let its small size and low power fool you, the IAS PICO can perform CNSA (Suite B) IPSec VPN Tunneling greater than most commercial 1U appliances. Its features and capabilities are on par with the IAS MICRO, yet offering a smaller form factor with a lower port density for use in unique applications.

IAS Router Graphite

The IAS Router GRAPHITE is a 3U OpenVPN VITA65 Chassis low power/high performance rugged, wide temperature range (-40C to +85C), enterprise class IP router/VPN Gateway/IDS appliance solution that offers the same level of packet processing performance as our IAS PICO and MICRO.


Our VPN Gateway NANO is the lowest power, 3-watt CPU, embeddable IAS Router VPN Gateway Module IAS offers, yet its performance is nothing short of astounding.  It offers all the capability and functionality of the IAS Router appliances, but does so in a 2.2” by 3.3” form factor that makes deep embedment for use in low power applications possible.

IAS VPN Gateway NANO Plus

Our smallest size, yet highest performance, embeddable VPN Gateway module brings all the processing power, capabilities and functionally of the IAS MICRO to deep embedment applications.  This 10-watt CPU, 2.2” by 3.3” form factor can perform CNSA (Suite B) IPSec VPN tunneling greater than 250Mbps!

IAS VPN Gateway Compact

The IAS VPN Gateway Module Compact has the packet processing performance on par with enterprise class 1U appliances. It is used in our

IAS VPN Gateway Classic

Our newest VPN Gateway module is available in two variants.  The first variant features the Aruba Virtual Mobile Controller firmware running on VMware’s Hypervisor.  For the first time integrators can build their own custom Aruba Mobile Controller appliance by embedding the IAS VPN Gateway Module Classic with the Aruba Virtual Mobile Controller.  Additionally, the IAS VPN Gateway Classic is also available with the IAS Router Firmware OS.

This variant of the IAS VPN Gateway Classic offers the most packet processing performance per watt of power than any other IAS Router appliance.  As is the case with all IAS Router modules, the WAN and LAN technologies supported, capabilities and functions offered are unparalleled in the IP networking trade space.