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Executive management, Keir Tomasso and Bill Morgan, draw on over 40 years of combined industry experience, having touched each and every aspect of the field. Keir started his career at a well-respected developer of Type 1 High Grade, High Assurance cryptographic devices. Bill’s career includes positions at high-tech companies such as Intel, Cisco and Force10 Networks. Their years at these companies were invaluable, gaining a full understanding of COMSEC and INFOSEC technologies, IP networking and becoming familiar with the most pressing military and government communications issues. However, it was also at these industry-leading companies that they discovered several significant flaws in the accepted industry paradigm.

  1. There was a lack of communication with the end user. Identifying real needs and requirements beforehand would have led to better choices in the design engineering and product development processes.
  2. Engineers tended to focus only on their piece of the communication puzzle and failed to look beyond to see how components would work together and best serve the user’s given situation.
  3. Once the product sale was complete there was little-to-no post-sale user communication, limited ongoing support and no feedback loop that would have served to improve products and solutions for future iterations.

Filling the Void in the Communications Security (COMSEC) Industry

With all this in mind, founder Keir Tomasso set out to fill the void, and started IA Specialists, where client communication before, during and after development is always paramount. Since its inception in 2008, Information Assurance Specialists has repeatedly out-engineered companies in almost every important category and shown clients that they can get exactly what they need from IA Specialists: secure communication products and solutions that are consistently superior in performance, flexibility, size and weight. IA Specialists has come to be known as Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) experts, having the only two full “CSfC Comprised Solutions” in single device form factors that are NSA CSfC Component List listed (The IAS STEW and IAS KG-157D Replacement Unit).

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