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IA Specialists designs and manufactures COMSEC ancillaries and portable communications solutions that target the National Security Agency’s Commercial Solutions for Classified program or can be used with traditional Type 1 COMSEC devices. Our products are consistently industry pace setting, and our technology is forward looking and time and time again eclipses our competitors by years of technology evolution. Our products and solutions are built to exceed expectations and give the user control over technology and convenience you never knew was possible. IA Specialists is a recognized leader in Information Assurance solutions because we understand all the pieces of the puzzle. More-so than any other company, we are attune to our military and government clients and the practical wants and needs of first-in communicators and operators.

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IAS Routers and Communicators


Common Criteria Certification, and NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified Component List expanded to include 5 new products!

IA Specialists is excited to announce the addition of the IAS Router PICO, IAS Router Graphite and three IAS VPN Gateway Modules (IAS VPN Gateway Module COMPACT, NANO, NANO Plus) to our list of Common Criteria Certified and NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified Component List listed products. The IAS Router PICO is the smallest, high performance, highly WAN technology flexible, easiest to use CSfC VPN Gateway available, period! Whereas the IAS Router Graphite is the highest performance 3U VPX/VITA highly rugged CSfC VPN Gateway available. Lastly, the IAS VPN Gateway Modules are in a class of their own as the only embeddable VPN Gateway modules that support unrestricted amounts of routed Ethernet ports, unrestricted amounts of Wi-Fi radios, unrestricted amounts of 3G/4G LTE cellular radios, and unrestricted amounts of serial/USB based technologies. The IAS VPN Gateway Modules performance per watt is unparalleled in the IP router market, and they come in form factors as small as 2.2” x 3.3” consuming 3 watts! Click here to download the datasheet for these products.

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IAS Routers and Communicators IAS Routers and Communicators

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